August 29, 2015

Hello Colin here

A big Warm Texas Howdy to you.

I was transplanted into Texas in 1995 day after Thanksgiving from Santa Fe, NM – 15 years there.

Lake Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan, WA

I got my first look at life spending 9 years in a Cheery Orchard in Central Washington state, with an apple orchard across the street.  Bing cherries on my side and red delicious on the other side. The surrounding mountains were all hairless a real desert – great fruit.

I went steal head fishing with my dad in the local tributary of the Columbia river cascading out of my favorite lake – Lake Chelan and the Grand Colie damn. I saw the darn fish bigger than I was just slowly floating there right off my feet !  I wish I had the pole… I was very Happy

Then a 4th – 12th grade tour of New Jersey and ran out of the house as fast as I could at 18. Having read “There is a River” by Thomas Sugrue about Edger Casey I set off in search of my truth.  I found it led by a Galilean Master in spirit to learn Yoga. Real Yoga that  is, so I be came a monk a yogi monk for 8 years.

mikki senkarik dancing-chilis

Mikki Senkarik Dancing-Chilis

Off to see the country’ thinking a diving a truck was the way to see it and make money at the same time– er well– lets leave it this way: I don’t recommend that. So, after a year in Mexico, moving to Santa Fe New Mexico the land of delicious red chilies & Blue corn –Yum !

The clear skys of Santa Fe, August smells of roasting chilies – green ones now. The red all winter long oh my my.  Blue Corn jonny cakes on the plaza. I am very very Happy.

Moving to Dallas, was whole new experience of leaving the flat roofs and telephone poles sticking out the front of the roof line, behind. All for the pitched roofs of Dallas. No more vigas and latias, gone are the luminarias and faralitos  ( ya gotta be there to understand).

Now the tall buildings, fast traffic, orange traffic barrels that dance all night long -freezing in their new tracks at day break. The giant man welcoming all to the State Fair, world class aquariums, restaurants of all the best kinds – but still not NYC. The concert halls are the best in world, joined by those in Fort Worth. and The Museums…jazz. a lot of life here…a bit of dirty air too, but I like it here. Happy Happy !

So I found a way to stay Happy. Yep choose to be so. That’s it. Pick the channel you really want to watch. Smell the flowers you love. Happiness is about you and your choices – no one elses’. If you happen to find your body in pain, get relief by choosing better Food choices that make you  Happy. Life is just too short to be miserable eating junk making you sick. Some say Food is medicine, but it certainly doesn’t have to taste like it! Enjoy Happiness is your choosing!

When you find a for Healing there are many ways to do so – again your choice.  Healing paths are varied as the trees leaves, the plants blossoms. I chose the monk path long time ago. Due to an arm injury and many false paths finding no Healing,  I found my miracle in Qigong, simple slow, rhythmic, breathing movements unleashing my inner Healing, a natural ability built into all of us humans.

I became a Certified Master Healer, and Instructor of Spring Forest Qigong with Int’l Master Chunyi Lin teaching and Healing in Dallas since September of 2000. That’s what I do , in person. by phone, and over the distances along with Happiness Coaching. I hope you laugh a lot, it alkalizes your system, helping you “bring home the magic” word – Happy.

If desire Happiness in your life then make it new habit.

You see it’s all about you !

“A Healer in every family and World without Pain” ~ Master Lin