A Deeper Meditation


December 1, 2015

Master Chunyi Lin founder of Spring Forest Qigong shares his secrets to having a deeper meditation and go into the emptiness. Spring Forest Qigong is very simple yet powerfully effective method to heal oneself, balance one’s energy, and return Happiness and long lost love to our lives.  Master Chunyi Lin created Spring Forest Qigong after 20 years of Advanced studies of Qi Gong or Qigong. Meditation is the way to create a deeper opening of the energy channels.

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He describes the relationship between meditation and the Spring Forest Qigong Health movements in this Answer:


Master Lin, I am working on Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 and I am feeling very attracted to meditation and getting into the emptiness. Which is more important, the movements or the sitting meditations? Should one be done for a longer time period of time than the other?        (To see more of L1 and L2 just click here)


Sitting meditation helps you to open new channels and energy centers; it is yin meditation or yin exercise. Healing movements or moving meditation builds up more power to use those gifts you open in the body from the sitting meditations; it is yang meditation. If you focus on only one, it is not the best, so you should do both. To open more energy centers, do more sitting meditation; then balance your body with healing movements to make sure of the gifts you have given by doing the sitting meditation.

The balance of the sitting and moving meditation varies. If your energy is in good balance and you want more centers in the body to open, focus on sitting meditation more – say 70 percent sitting, 30 percent movement. As you open more energy centers you will need to build more energy, so you must do more qigong movements for a while – say 70 percent movement, 30 percent sitting. This way you will be able to make better use of the gifts you have been given from opening your energy centers.”


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