Why I use the BEMER in my practice ~Ann Bernard~Acupuncturist

April 13, 2017

Ann Bernard studied in France her healing arts. In 2003 as single mom, struggling with student loans, Ann was introduced to  this amazing circulation stimulator, gentler than the earth’s magnetic field, and softer than earthing.  Ann discovered the energizing, yet relaxing or stress relieving effects of this medical device FDA registered as class I in the USA.

Using this in her practice, Ann explains why most of her clients decided to become owners using them at home twice a day for 8 minutes for the energizing effect of better circulation in their micro vessels so that every cell receives the Oxygen, & Nutrition they need to thrive, including having each cells waste removed.  They are reporting great focus, & mental clarity as well as the increased energy to have enough left over to play with their families & friends after working all day.

The patented sleep program is actually giving the long night’s deep rest her patients have been seeking.  Ann suggests this German engineered, Swiss made mat may be just what you have been looking for; well worth your serious consideration.

Category: Pain