Registered Nurse Overcomes Burning Chest Muscle Pain with Somatic Exercises


October 18, 2015

Instead of taking prescribed medication and muscle relaxers, this registered Nurse used her mind-body connection and simply moved the pain out of the body by her self. by the Nursing Definition of Pain.

Debbie, a home health registered nurse, learned how to pandiculate and use the system of Somatic Exercises to overcome burning chest muscle pain incurred at work.

When we learn how to remember to use our natural birthright to self-correct, we can successfully move pain out and regain lost or impaired function.

Our natural self correction is called a pandiculation. Pandiculation is the process which is at the heart of the system of somatics exercises where you learn or remember to consciously reprogram your movement ability.

More on pandiculation for pain relief and the Nursing Definition of Pain.

The system of Somatics Exercises are easy, gentle movements where you use the brain and body to get back on track.

You learn how to set yourself up for successful movement, take out compensations, reduce stress and tension and regain the ability to recover more quickly – since the brain and body can be effectively used with a little know how that all healthy vertebrate animals show us everyday.

In the book, Move Like an Animal: Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps – Move Like An Animal .com – you can feel how the act of pandiculation can revitalize the nervous system and body.

You’ll know what all the healthy animals with a spine are doing – and you can do the same since it is a movement event many of us have forgotten to do over time.

We offer online audio/video coaching programs, audio online classes anyone can do, online video somatics exercise series, private coaching/consultation – all in the comfort of your own home.

Let us help you overcome pain the natural, simple way today.

Move Well,

Happy Pandiculating!


Ed Barrera is author of Amazon bestseller, Move Like an Animal. He is a Hanna Somatic Educator and founder of Gravity Werks.

He has been helping people overcome physical pain, reduce muscular stress and tension and recover quickly from injury with somatics exercises and the act of pandiculation so you can get back out there and enjoy life’s activities to the fullest.

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