Happy Super Full Moon


August 29, 2015

A Super Pieces full moon ~ the Sun in Virgo

So full of promise, of rewards of the harvest.  A Virgo in balance is a wonderful creature in deed. Seeing all that is around them, yet only commenting on what is appropriate, and in propriety. One type we may need to find the right tool to open them up in order for us to enjoy the pearl of their insights.

An out of balance Virgo is hyper critical. They may be detailed conscious even to hypochondria making all around them miserable. And their house is just never clean enough; with never enough time to do anything fun as they are always washing their hands or dusting.

On the details Virgo side of this full super moon, it is the closest to the earth and the largest we will see of 2015.

On the Pieces side this is house of completion – summer is over, crops are ready to brought in at least in a bit cooler Texas. This is good time to reflect as many are re-starting their learning cycle again.  Reflect on what we experienced this summer, learned, or what i meant for us. Maybe a time we need to make some changes in our lives.

Native Americans as many other indigenous cultures used the moon to track the seasons, and timings for live events. The hunter moon coming in the next few months is good example.  After the young are grown, and meat with warm skins was needed for the coming winter, this moon was perfect for hunting deer just after sunset or bigger game.

Native American spiritual massage was performed on full moon days to enhance the already hightened flow to heal the healing of the body.
Some folks are so happy during a full moon. Some are in pain, nervous, untrusting, jumpy or worse. Don’t my word for it ask a police man if anything they do an full moon?  ( hint:  they put on more men on the ground, on patrol) or ask an emergency room check in nurse?
(hint: they see all kinds of hypochondia sufferers arriving even by ambulance for sore finger).

Yes howling at the full moon may be more than for just coyotes, werewolves, and us that they make just weird.

In conclusion: Go out have fun, enjoy, do what ever you will do to stay happy.  Just don’t harm others, cause no pain, eat all the food you want, please drink a bit less then walk or take a Taxi or find Uber.

Happy Full Moon Day.  ya ‘all.

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