Happy: Finding Your Way

August 28, 2015

Happy is a wonderful place to live in. Happy is what most of us on earth desire.
How get to feeling Happy? There is path to follow for Healing if you are ill.

One needs to find relief from pain caused by wrong living. Food must is supportive of the road from pain to complete Healing. For healing leads to Happiness. What is Happiness? Food that make us Happy some feel is Happiness. Love, power, and money may be also said so.

Here I’ve included methods, some new many ancient to help you out of pain into where you want to be . Happy.  That’s where I am most of the time. Most of my successful clients say when asked  “To be Happy.” ! How about you?

Enjoy your trail, it will be uniquely your own.  Just remember this “all rivers lead to the sea”  Happy trails.

Happy -Why Not?
If there is one thing that money can’t buy, it is indeed happiness. There is no magical pill that a person can take to automatically feel joyful. The feeling of gladness comes from a series of choices, habits, and beliefs. A lot of people have the notion that people who are born with an extravagant life are the happiest creatures on earth. Yes, they may buy all the material things that their money can afford but this does not mean that they are free from the stresses of life.
It is in the nature of every human being to feel sorrow and despair especially if there are events in their life that trigger such emotions. The road to a blissful life cannot be bought, but it can be learned. And to be able to start one’s journey to gladness, it is essential for one to accept that pain is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. And it is on one’s journey of coping with sorrow that one will be able to find joy in one’s heart.
Investing in relationships with people can help a person to find bliss in his life. Families and friends are support pillars in one’s life. They are there to celebrate your successes and to catch you in times of difficulties. The greatness of the love that you feel from people who matter most in your life cannot be easily shaken by any kind of problem and challenges in life. Having good relationships with people can definitely carry you through the toughest times. Do not spend your time on things that can only make you emotionally contented for a moment. Invest on lasting relationships.
Learning how to become appreciative can also help you to make your burdens lighter. Always make it a point to express gratitude for the simplest and the most amazing things that are happening in your life. Sometimes, people forget to appreciate the simple things because they feel that such things are just always around the corner. And it is during a tragic event in their life that they come to realize that those simple things are essential and are worth recognizing. Do not wait for tragic events to come into your life before you learn how to be thankful. When you wake up in the morning and you do not have any illness to battle with, it is already a gift. It is easier to journey through life if you see wonder through simplest things.
Optimism is a very hard thing to achieve especially if there are dreadful things that are happening in your life. It requires a lot of practice for it to become a habit. Being able to see beauty beyond a very stressful situation will help you not to dwell on the negative emotions. Accept the negative situation and ask yourself if there are other ways to look at it. Find its meaning in your life and tell yourself how such experiences can help you in the future. There is always a way of making a bad situation look as a “half-filled glass” rather than a “half-empty glass”.
When dealing with a painful situation, do not reject the negative emotions. It is just normal to feel sad, frustrated, and disheartened if things are not going well in life. They are just normal emotions. Recognize their presence and own them. It is only through acceptance of one’s feelings that one can fully move on and let go of the hurt. Accept that in a particular moment, you are in despair. But you should also accept the fact that those are just temporary emotions and they do not define who you really are.
People express their emotions through various ways. There are people who find shelter in writing. Writing gives you the freedom to understand more of what you are feeling. It is also like talking to yourself and bringing out those emotions that you can’t personally converse with somebody. Finding the right channel to express your grief and sorrow will help you to battle with a very painful situation. Do not hide all those emotions inside you. Recognizing and directly dealing with the stresses in your life will ultimately free yourself from their chains. Do not rush into getting rid of these emotions. It will only frustrate you and make the situation worse. Confront them and allow time to do the healing.
Giving yourself the time to do the things that you love will also help you to be happy. According to science, “endorphins” are responsible for a person’s state of happiness. Endorphins help people to improve their mood and to battle with stress. They can be a form of pain relief. The release of these endorphins depend on the activities of a person and the food that one eats.
Engaging in exercise causes release of endorphins. This is the reason for the euphoria that most people feel after accomplishing a good exercise routine. It does not just improve their mood, it also makes their heart stronger.
Eating chocolates never fails to make a person feel better. Chocolates are almost everyone’s comfort food when they feel stress. It is because eating chocolates also helps in the release of endorphins.
Another way to start those endorphins to kick in is through enjoying the nature. By simply exposing yourself to sunlight, the brain will be triggered to release the endorphins. Enjoying the nature around you will also help you to appreciate life even more. Its wonders can make a person realize the beauty of living and that the world is a bigger place than your sorrow.
The simple gestures of smiling and laughing can do a lot to lessen one’s burden. Do not be afraid to be silly and to goof around. After all, these simple things are what keep people sane amidst life’s difficulties.
Living a Happy life is a choice that one makes. Do not wait for a day to pass without putting a smile on your face or a happy thought in your head. You must always seize every moment in your life. Take pleasure from the simplest things and savor all the blessings around you. Do not spend your time worrying about the things that have already happened. Life is not perfect and should not be lived with fear from sorrow and grief. Happiness awaits us around every corner.

Colin Ryane