Pain relief


August 13, 2015

Pain is the most common item that blocks us from being Happy. When you’re hurting from arthritis pain you find it hard to focus, or even to sleep. This escalates your misery as sleep is one of the main ways we heal.
Suffering from lower back pain is one of the most common complaints found in the seriously ill. Many are stuck in bed, a chair, and have difficulty even walking. So, exercise being another common way to eliminate lower back pain is cut off from many. Injuries in this area are common as well; we need to extra careful when lifting to protect our lower back.knee pain
Knee Pain being very prevalent, and can be from food, injuries, weather changes, even wrong medications. Sometimes old age is the culprit – resulting from many poor choices along life’s way. Sporting knee accidents are frequent. There are surgical procedures for the knee, special exercises, herbal remedies, medications, meditations, baths, oils, and list goes on.
Shoulder Pain claims many sufferers resulting from what many believe to be stress. Stress can be from lifting or moving improperly resulting in injury; or from a major accident taxing the system too heavily. Shoulder pain may be from Emotions as these cause a great deal of stress.Just think of how you feel when you don’t expect one behind you and they just say “Hi !” and you jump – sending all kinds of flight or fight hormones and tension in your stomach, arms, lower back, neck etc. These could contribute to arthritis. You need to get rid of these hormones and get your body to stand down, from red alert. You don’t desire arthritis settling in.
If you don’t do this, the stress created compounds, building on themselves ad new layers and more layers upon layers of toxins. Finally your body develops Pain. Shoulder pain is the most prevalent and may be the first symptoms heralding coming events. This is a Caution light and that is what Pain is = a signal for you to be on guard.

Pain makes us stop and look, but, do we listen? Do we act on this vital information?

Plop – plop fiz – fiz — gets the idiot light out -silencing the warning buzzer- cuts the wire on the seat belt warning light. But it does not solve the problem of what is causing the pain. I agree the warning light -the caution light- the yellow light is a pain in the neck. But this is not the answer for us. Not for you, your friends, family, not for me either. If we all want relief – permanently.
You see if you step out of car the wrong way, walk down stairs and twist your ankle or cause knee pain or lower back pain, or reach behind the seat picking up your brief case and suddenly you have shoulder pain, but you don’t stop and take care of the situation, you will cause serious damage. This is the message we need to “Stop, Look, & Listen”.
Pay attention or notice what we are doing? What? I have to read this email, send this text you say? Opra has words for you!

A good joke: “A Guys dies, finding himself on simple chair facing a friendly
old man dressed in white with along beard who is reading a very large book.
The Old man says “hummm…. well… yep…ok…ahaaaa…. oh I see you had
a very good life, with lotsa’ good times. But I see you missed most of it –
looking at your phone.”

An Idea- maybe looking at your phone is an way to get the relief you are seeking from pain? *chuckle, chuckle or LOL as is in the land of texting.

(What I don’t know is how a guy with real arthritis pain in the fingers can do all that texting?)
OK, OK. So how to get rid of that pain? Oh it’s neck pain? Well yes “paying attention” yep the words say it all – notice this – the solution costs you something as attention requires time. We all have 24 hrs a day.  How we choose to use them is a “Choice” you have to make.
Pain is demanding that you slow down, Notice what is going on, and find a solution. There are no quick paths. Yes it will cost you time and focus, and probably is inconvenient ( more pain right?) Your Pain is actually our friend…

Look at the horse: if a mountain lion bites him in the butt – what to do?
Run away from it like a human would? Nope the horse turns into the pain
– It pays attention – and maybe it can get the big cat to let go. For if this
horsey ran away the feline could tear off a big mouthful… get it?

How to get some relief?  Real relief that is…
1- Slow Down. Notice the Pain. Take as much time as needed to see what is going on. Feel it. Experience it.
2- If it’s an emergency deal with it or call 911. If Chronic:  ok lets see how to Heal.
3-You may need to learn

  • ~to breath efficiently
    ~to exercise more or correctly
    ~to meditate
    ~to Pray
    ~to Get sufficient sleep
    ~to eat food that promotes reducing inflammation

4-Go find a Dr who really understands more than putting out the lights temporarily.
5-Go take some classes, read online, read books, watch videos, but learn what
you were doing that created this suffering. Then learn how undo it.
all of these will help remove the acid or arthritis an may be in your shoulder, neck, lower back, or knee.
6-Make some choices to change to ways that give relief.

  • ~Stop eating what is hurting you.
    ~Start eating what will keep you healthy.
    ~Walk more, get out of chair 35 x a day NASA found out
    ~Learn and practice specific area healing movements
    ~Replace Old poor habits with good ones
    ~Learn some jokes – share them daily
    ~Find some new friends – who will discuss anything with.you

In short, you are in control or your pain be it from arthritis, lower back, knee, shoulder or neck pain. Yes you may need help finding relief. Ultimately it is you who are your own best healer. The Question is will you use the time needed to unlock your power?
Or will you just drink the cool -aid or take the pill?
Simple isn’t it? It is your choice. You have the ability to create results. Make the Choice that make you Happy.

Colin Ryane