Rare Full Super-Moon Meditation on a Blood Moon


September 25, 2015

The moon will pass into Earth’s shadow producing a total lunar eclipse during the “Supermoon” – a time when the full moon occurs “at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit,” according to NASA. Because this full moon happens on the night of the autumnal equinox (9-27-2015), it is also known as the Harvest Moon.

NASA says this is the closest the moon will be in 2015. The is very  this rare 33 years ago was this time for a  super Full moon meditation on a total eclipse resulting in Red or Blood Moon. The Eastern USA time will exact at about 10:30 pm CDT will be about 9:30 pm and so on. Dallas in the CDT will about the last place to see this Rare Full Super-Moon on a Blood Moon. The next time will be in 2033.

A Full moon meditation is a great time to get in tune with your inner and out goals, raising insights from your subconscious, the dream world, your inner knowing.  This Rare Full Super-Moon – Blood Moon meditation time is unique. You could play meditation music, listen to a guided meditation, do breathing meditation just following the in & out flow, practice a moving meditation such as Spring Forest Qigong or Tai Chi. What ever you choose star about a half hour before and go for about a half hour after or longer as you can.

One ancient method is to sit comfortably, relax in safe space out doors ~ like on your back porch. Relax your self. Take 3 or more full, gentle, deep breaths. When ready begin by gazing for about 2 minutes on the Full Moon. Then close your eyes and see it inside for 2 minutes. and repeat this.  This Full Moon Mediation will be so interesting as you can start at sunset as it will rise at the same time. Then observe it progress from the full white, viewing the shadow of the earth creeping across until it is fully red or the Blood moon.

Drumming and Dance meditation are another method. You can do any of these with a group or by yourself.  Tune into the whole world of folks mediating to bring more understanding, knowledge, healing and peace to our home, the blue ball.

Colin Ryane

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